What kind of dog is that?

December 08, 2016 2 Comments

This post could pull double duty as the start to a GSP Frequently Asked Questions page.

 “What type of dog is that?!”  — we hear it at least ten times a day from customers, from passers-by who just peek in the window and yell it through the glass, or from strangers as we pass on the street.  I never mind answering!  And Mildred never minds the head pats that the askers usually give.  But I also wish I could give the full answer, like I’m about to give here, because Mildred is a labradoodle… but she’s also much more!

We’ve given an introduction to GSP by way of Anna’s and my story, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t devote a little post to the third musketeer, our sweet shop pup, Mildred Yvonne.  Lady Mildred  (named for our great aunt Mildred Yvonne) is a parti- colored F1B labradoodle with an extremely mild temperament and loads of personality.  Our Mildred card line is meant to be funny, but Mildred herself is such a lady!   She even crosses her front legs on the command “Be a Lady!” — her best trick.  

 She greets customers daintily from her perch on the Persian rug at the front of the shop, and we could really see her overpacking for weekend trips with her puppy friends, or putting on sunnies and a headscarf for an outdoor cocktail hour  (…or maybe we’re just imposing our own personalities and wishes onto hers…but still). 


She lives with me and my husband, but Anna claims her as a best friend.  

Besties on Anna's birthday

We take a walk in Audubon Park most mornings, and it’s a daily game for her to find a stick (the bigger the better!), paw at it until I pick it up, and then jump up to snatch it from my hand so she can carry it the rest of the way.  Lots of fellow walkers know her as ’the stick dog,’ and are quick to cheer her on whenever she finds a particularly big one.  She carries it all the way home and drops it at the foot of our front steps, very pleased with herself.


Mildred is a regular feature in our Instagram posts, and she’s a real sport.  She knows the more still she is while we’re asking her to pose, the quicker it will all be over.  The only times she doesn’t obey are the ones when there are squirrels nearby.  If we're not stopped during a photo shoot to answer about her breed, we're stopped because someone wants to take a picture with her.  


The shop and our day-to-day would be much more blah without her. Overall, she’s a great pal and a joy of a shop dog!

 We'll leave you with one last thing:  Mil's party trick.  She sings Stubborn Love by the Lumineers every time she hears it.  It's the only song she'll sing to, and she'll only sing to the original version.  So... here's a grainy video of her harmonizing as a puppy.  And she still does it just the same to this day!



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April 05, 2018

Love this post and Mildred!! Can’t wait to meet her :)


December 09, 2016

Great read!!!! You’ve left me wanting more!!!! Keep it up!

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