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What is branding? 

Branding is, arguably, the most important aspect of a business. It's the essence of a business in a single image; the first impression a business makes to its customers. Especially in this age of social media, a business' design should be picture-worthy and eminently shareable. Snappy branding should be a working member of the staff, engaging people's curiosity and encouraging them to look into a business further.  

The GSP Advantage

The Grove Street girls have developed a knack for branding, and with good reason. Anna is a graphic designer by trade and Kate is an English major turned letterpress printer. Kate finds the thesis of your business, and Anna brings it to life with expertise and wit.  
We write your story visually — with color, typeface, and imagery that convey a theme -- and invite your customers and clients to ‘read more’ by stepping into your shop or restaurant, clicking on your website, or interacting with whatever it is you’re offering.  

Work with us!

If you're interested in having us imagine your branding, please answer the below questionnaire so we can get an idea of what you're looking for. We'll be back in touch within a day or two, with an estimated price and more information about our process. 

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