Grove Street is the street Kate grew up on, and where her parents still live.  When she and Anna first decided to go into business together, they set up a letterpress print shop in a little shed behind the house on Grove Street.  It was the same shed that, as kids, they used to climb onto the roof of (SOMETHING)    Kate had refurbished an antique printing press in the small space the Summer after college.  The press wasn't motorized and had to be hand-turned, but the cousins printed all of their first cards on the press, named Patsy.  One would turn the fly wheel, and the other would feed the paper.  They've come along way since then: they moved to a full print shop and retail space in New Orleans, and now they've expanded into a creative studio.  Patsy the Press still lives on Grove Street, and Kate and Anna love the nostalgic connection to both their early friendship in childhood and to their simple beginnings in business. 

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